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Life is overwhelming.

Between work, relationships, technology calling for your attention at every moment, and whatever else comes up unexpectedly as an adult, it’s extremely difficult to remain calm and grounded.

We can lose our sense of purpose and passion.

I’ve had my own struggles - as a teenager I dealt with social isolation, bullying, and being in the middle of my parents’ tumultuous divorce. I struggled with anxiety and depression in the aftermath.

As I grew older I committed myself to my own healing and growth. I worked with therapists. I attended countless personal growth workshops. I did meditation retreats. Through doing all of this work, I figured out how to rewrite the mental and emotional patterns that no longer served me. I learned how to achieve greater peace by getting out of my head and getting present in my body.

I’ve made bold life decisions like serving in the Peace Corps in Bangladesh, attending Burning Man, and starting my own business. More and more, I’ve learned to deeply trust my intuition while calmly and confidently living my best life.

Unlike other therapists who merely sit and listen, I take an active and engaged approach. You may find yourself in a guided meditation or a role-play exercise. There may be optional homework assignments. We’ll tune into exactly what you need.

I’m here to support you to find your unique, confident voice.

Your unique truth.

Your opportunity to step into your personal empowerment and be who you want.

You deserve to the best and I want to support you on that journey.

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Thank you for having the strength and courage to take this first step.

I look forward to hearing from you.