The Air Carrier Access Act is a federal law prohibits discrimination against passengers with disabilities, including mental and emotional disabilities. This law allows certain travelers to bring their ESA onto the cabin of a commercial aircraft. These individuals are required to carry a copy of a current ESA prescription letter (written within the last 12 months).

Airlines do not charge an extra fee to bring an ESA on domestic flights, however they generally require 48-hours notice that an ESA will be coming on board. Animal tags or vests are not required, but they are helpful in identifying the ESA. Most people bring their animal in a travel crate that can fit under the seat in front of them, but this is also not required.

Owners are solely responsible for the ESA’s behavior as airlines have no obligation to care for the animal. The ESA must be well-behaved during the flight. The airline may deny boarding rights to an ESA if it is misbehaving or out of control.

Traveling with your animal is easy so long as you have an emotional support animal letter.

To learn if you are a good fit for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), schedule a consultation.