Almost everyone I work with experiences some level of anxiety. Many of my clients deal with common worries about relationships, work, or their life path. Others struggle with panic attacks or specific phobias. And while fear - anxiety's underlying emotion - can function as a beneficial evolutionary mechanism that protects us, excessive fear/anxiety can impede us from living our full potential and enjoying our lives. There are a number of ways to treat anxiety: cognitive therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, exposure therapy, solution-focused therapy. To put it simply, we’ll work to help you think rationally, face reality, and be able to tolerate emotions and thoughts as they arise in your system.

Often people feel existential anxiety - a sense that their lives are meaningless or that they are wasting precious time. Together, we can address these concerns by teaching you how to tap more deeply into presence, your own intuition, your values, and your desires. You can find yourself feeling a deeper sense of purpose, and more able to enjoy the constant unfolding of your life.