I'm interested in helping people find greater happiness and meaning in their lives. We all have unique challenges, needs, and strengths, but it can sometimes feel hard to truly accept ourselves as we are. I offer a safe space for you to be yourself; it is from that place that healing and growth can best happen. Whether you are dissatisfied with your work, relationships, or your own patterns of behavior, we can work together to help you get what you want.

I help individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, trauma, and depression. I often guide clients in meditation to help them relax and witness what is happening in the moment. We can also address past hurts and future goals. Our work together will depend on your needs.

While I work with a range of people, I'm particularly interested in helping men who are struggling in their romantic lives. Other fun facts about me: I'm a former Peace Corps volunteer, was born and raised in the New York Metropolitan Area, and have been to Burning Man.

Adam Kaufman, LCSW

Educational Credentials:
BA in Anthropology - Connecticut College, Graduated in 2005
MSW - New York University, Graduated in 2010